Score Keeper-Lite! App Reviews

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What is a decent app?

The design is unappealing, but at least it does what it sets out to do. Very easy, and fun, to play along with jeopardy using this app.

Score keeper app

Great app i love it.


I do not know how to play it

Went for the full version!

Good app. I like the setup and 4 players in Full fits my family nice. Thanks! This one is worth a try ... The set values update makes it so much more useful. So many times I want to quickly keep track of scores. Real simple. . . Just wanted to add to my earlier post. iPad is great and free too!

Too weak

Couldn't figure out how to do anything. Needs a LOT of work.

Doesn't work and horrible UI

One of the worst apps I have downloaded. It doesn't do what it says, setup is tedious, the ads are really annoying and too many, and the UI is completely horrific.

nice app!

great app...but it's definitely worth it to go for the full version.


The interface for this app is horrible, it's almost too confusing to use. Not to mention it's kind of ugly for an iPhone app. There are better Jeopardy! scorers in the app store. I won't name names, but do some research.



Jeopardy Fan!

Great & easy way to keep track of our scores from home!


Great idea! I always have a tough time keeping track of the scores. Now it's easy. Thank you!

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